“Taiha’s Intuition was 100% bang on! I needed the cards, more then I thought.” - Jessica

"Having my first guided meditation was a big game changer for me in the best way possible. The feeling was so strong inside me with every step into becoming completely grounded and in a relaxed state. I could vividly see the things Taiha was guiding me through and to. Colours and images were crystal clear in my mind and body. I felt very light in body and mind. My only regret is that I didn't do this all sooner!" - Jessi

“Thank you so much Taiha!!! This was what I needed.” - Kassandra

You're looking for someone who gets you. Someone you feel completely comfortable with. Someone who speaks your language. And someone you can be totally open with about what's going down in your life right now.

You want to feel inspired, encouraged, and at ease about what the future holds.

Sessions with me include any number of technique from my Mystic Tool Box including; Numerology, Tarot, Creative Visualization, Soul Coaching, & Energy Work.  

I'm not in to wasting time, which means that during our work together, we get down to the core quick. Because I believe that like me, you came here to do big work in this life time. I'll help you break up with bad vibes + detox the BS from your life so you can feel clearer faster,  and focused on shining your light.

“This was truly AMAZING!!!” - Darci

"Wow, spot on! I appreciate the prompt about what strengths I've been hiding. I feel like I've been hiding parts of myself for a long while now, and I'm ready to step out of hiding." - Kale

"Thank you so much. You addressed so many things that I have been worrying about this week as far as my purpose and the steps to take. Thank YOU." - Clare

"Wow Taiha!! Thank you so much for such great advice / insights! I love the idea of seeing depression and anxiety as a blessing! I am ready to follow my intuition and start my own purification of life / body process. Thank you so much for that confirmation! And morning pages at the coffee shop. Such a great idea. I haven't even considered that! And there is one about a mile from my house. Great excuse for some fresh air and exercise! I definitely agree that establishing a non negotiable routine is needed! And The World. It is a beautiful card! And a great reminder!!Thank you again...I feel so fortunate to have crossed your path! - Kristina

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