3 Reasons Why You're A Blocked Artist

3. Over Consuming

Our body is a channel. A physical human vessel for The Great Creator to create through us. Therefore keeping our vessel clean is KEY for clear communication and consistent creativity.

Marie Forleo’s says, “Create Before You Consume.” This is undoubtably true in terms of digital consumption, like checking FB, Instagram and emails, prior to producing our own content which leaves us feeling scattered and overwhelmed with other peoples thoughts, opinions, and ideas.

But after 12 years of mastering the art of Intermittent Fasting, I’m convinced this same philosophy is true in terms of our eating habits. Many foods, specifically breakfast foods cloud the mind and weigh down the body, so spiritual attunement is best done on an empty stomach.

2. Fucking The Wrong Person

Creativity and Sexual Expression are housed in the same location of your bodies. Since Creative Genious comes from the spiritual realm, when we’re knowingly sleeping with someone we aren’t spiritually aligned with, that Creative Center becomes tainted, toxic, and perverted.

1. Waiting For Inspiration

Creativity is a Spiritual Practice. It’s a devotion. And the Inspirations we recieve are like fragments of The Great Creator falling toward us. If we don’t make it a habit to create daily sacred space for consistent inspiration to arrive, it will feel as if we’re untrained jugglers throwing balls in the air unknowing how to catch them.

However, when the space is provided with consistency, we put ourselves in a positioning of stillness, palms facing upward, open and ready to recieve with ease.

Creation is Sacred. And the Creative Genious within dances between our heart and soul with constant invitations to join it. So Expand your soul space. Honour it. Serve it daily, and it will serve you for a lifetime.