On Creativity

“...But I'm not creative.”

You've heard this before haven't you?

Maybe you've even said it, or you know someone who believes it.

Either way, I want to get something straight.

You are Creative.

That's right, with a capital C. Creative.

We all are

We all seem to agree that we have been, 'Create-ed.' All physical and spiritual beings made by our mothers and fathers. All human 'Create-ures' of this planet Earth. And yet we have trouble believing that we are in essence made up of the same stuff which created us all in the first place.

Miniature versions of the metaphysical energy that brought us here. And whether you believe this to be a burst of chaotic energy exploding out from stars, God, or alien intelligence really makes no difference. We got here somehow.

Okay, so the stars, the universe, God, aliens (or something) created us...yes?

Alright. So if we were 'Create-ed' by a 'Create-or' we must too posses these same divine qualities. Just look at our human ability to 'Create' another human being within our body!

But let's really simplify.

Think about...Making a meal. Or even making your bed. How about putting an outfit together, or organizing your kids birthday party. These are all occasions where your creative energy is being executed. Whether you feel creative while in the act is a different story.

Creativity is about innovation, it's about breaking the rules and doing something we've never done before. If we keep doing the same thing, we'll keep getting the same results.

I'll let you in on one of the top secrets of being an artist.

You ready for it?

Artist's, the ones who actually get work done, don't sit around and wait for inspiration.

They seek opportunities to find it. Once they have it, they run with it for as long as the wind will allow.


An authentic life won't go out and seek you. You must participate. 

Try adding some exotic spices the next time you're in the kitchen. It doesn't have to be perfect because there's always tomorrow night right?

And you could always buy a couple new pillows to spruce up your bed. Maybe you want some neon sheets to liven things up.

Push the envelope, wear some leopard or throw on a sexy sequinned dress for lunch. Street style blogs are ideal go-to-guides for the 'fashionably illiterate.' If you think you have no style, now a days it's pretty easy to go find some.

Test things out, see what you feel comfortable in. There's really no excuse to be boring. (Note: Classic is never boring.)

Weather we recognize it or not, we are all 'Creating' on a multitude of levels each and every day. What we are given, is the opportunity to participate in these everyday occurrences in either creative or lacklustre ways.

Convinced yet? If not let me ask you this:

Did you like to colour as a kid?

“Okay...yeah” you're thinking hesitantly.

Of course you did!

Every kid loves to colour. Every kid loves to draw and paint and get all gluey, sprinkling sparkles on paper. Kids love making art!

So what happened?

Well, at about the age of five, or when we entered kindergarden we started comparing ourselves to others. We started judging our own abilities for the first time, and eventually most of us fell into the pit of inferiority.

If only we had been taught that Creativity is a muscle that must be exercised to stay consistent. That we get out of it what we put into it, and that no one becomes a master over night.

So what is Creativity?

* Being in the act of creation. It is connecting to that which created you.

* The act of stepping outside yourself and connecting to something larger, deeper, wilder.

* Magic. And our hands get to be the wands!

So if we believe we are not creative, then we are discounting our entire reason to be here. I mean look around you! This entire universe is the culmination of one giant burst of creative expression.

The truth is, if we believe we are not creative, we are simply choosing not to be creative.

So how can you reconnect with your creativity?

Think of yourself as a child. That sweet nieve dreamer you were. Simply close your eyes and get back to her. Run with her through floral fields until your heart beats hard and you fall over with giggles and gigantic smiles painted on your lips.

Stare deep into her eyes and tell her that you love her. Tell her with unfaltering certainty that you will never leave her, and never let her go again. That you will keep her wandering spirit, and that you promise to come play with her each and every day.

Creativity is your inner child...Play with her! (You're bored because she's bored.)

Like a muscle, your creativity needs to be exercised. Your resistance tells you that you're out of shape. Don't expect yourself to be able to run a marathon your first day on the track. Make small, incremental challenges, and slowly increase the amount of time you exercise each day.

Start off slowly.

Sit down after dinner and do a free draw. Don't think about it. Just run the pen around the page for ten minutes.

On a Saturday or Sunday you could spend the entire day cooking something you've never made before. Let yourself be wild.

Collage. My single most favourite way to exercise my creativity muscles.

Clean off the kitchen table and grab a pile of magazines. (You can stock up on used magazines at thrift shops which generally sells for 25 cents to a buck.) Buy ones with beautiful photographs that inspire you like national geographic, home décor, gardening and cooking magazines.

Make a pile of all the images that inspire you. Then either in a journal or on a large piece of poster board start cutting out and pasting what you're drawn to. I find that this process literally organizes your creativity into a visual landscape, and will serve as either a piece of art itself, or as an inspirational template for further work you might create.

What are some of the benefits I can expect?

* When we realize that we are indeed creative creatures, we understand that we have the ability to make the mundane beautiful.

* We actively participate in this wonder filled adventure called life.

* We connect! Like a plug into and electrical socket.

Finally, we learn from doing, not from not doing. If you are one of those people who routinely says to yourself or others, “I'm not creative.” All you are doing is simply reinforcing that belief into your mind, body and spirit.

It is only through participation and exercising our creative muscles that we re-learn to connect with ourselves, and that which created us. The world is a playground, not a prison. Go play!