On Educating Yourself

As we leave the nests of adolescence and come into the city of adulthood, there is a shifting that occurs. It's as if we've walked into a whole new universe and we're not quite sure where to go, who to be, or what to do.

We've just spent the last thirteen years being 'educated' by the system, and now filling our day planners with allotted study time is the furthest thing from our plans.

But in those years of going to class and taking exams, what have you truly retained?

Imagine if all those hours had been spent studying subjects that sincerely captivated you?

However we live in a reality of curriculum and course outline. A reality of curved grading and one dimensional teaching. Where boredom is the norm and enchantment is absent.

This is where I'm going to get down right honest with you...

I believe that the education system in the western world is specifically designed to be boring. To be so beige and drab that we loose focus and begin to resent the entire sphere of study and knowledge.

Think about it.

How many people do you know that study while not enrolled in college or university?

The plain and simple truth of it is this; we've been taught through rigorous training of our own experience that education and school is totally dull. So why would we ever go out of our way to study now?


Can you imagine a population being taught that learning is fundamentally boring? In place of inventors and artists, real life embodiments of passion and drive, that generation would instead be known for…texting…reenacting reality T.V.…and getting 'losered.'

Oh wait...

Doesn't that sound like us?

I thought the whole point of life was to continually expand and evolve into our greatest selves?

But we've become a generation imprisoned by our ignorance. A group of youth blind to the movie we are all just playing a role in.

Because when you are taught from a young age that education lays within buildings and classrooms, and that our expression of knowledge is through acing exams and essays on topics we hardly understand and wouldn't believe in even if we did, then you're going to end up resenting the process of learning.

And like a prisoner of doubt and angst, your young, naive self wandered through the emotions but I bet you were told to be quite when you spoke up.

Or maybe that was just me.

Because it wasn't until I escaped those walls, those institutions of guidelines and codes that I began to see the world for what it really is.

A magnetic burst of lessons which we learn through relationships and experience. (Hey, maybe that's why we were all so inherently great at socializing during class.) If only I had been taught that life itself was an exam. 'The' exam. And instead of being grading with letters of the alphabet, I understand now that I, we, are rewarded with synchronicity, joy, and love.

So rather then force ourselves to read and re-read subjects that hold no interest to us, we can instead dive into what captivates us entirely. We can go slow or fast because what they failed to tell us is that we are actually allowed to go at our own pace.

When you begin to be an active participant in your own education there is an amazing awakening that happens. I believe that what we are being called to learn is a bright indication leading us towards our true purpose here.

Because when we educate ourselves we become immediately empowered. Education gives us confidence, which like we've discussed is exactly the opposite of what depression does to us.

I believe that one major cause of depression in adulthood is that we are no longer being educated. That we are no longer expanding. So let yourself be fascinated and trust where you are lead.

This weeks Spiritual Reconnection Exercise:

I have always been interested in _______. There is something about ______ that makes me feel ______ and ______. I am curious about this subject because _______. When I think about learning more about this subject I feel _____.