On Numerology

Have you ever wondered why you're here?

I mean; on this earth -

in this reality -

in your body -

and in this moment?

Have you ever questioned your existence and asked yourself, “What's this all for?”

I remember sitting in a myriad of elementary classrooms, staring up at chalkboards and thinking to myself, 'Jeez, aren't we all really wondering the same thing?'

I could care less about punctuation and grammar, I want to know why I'm here and what the point of life is.

Now obviously at that age no one else was raising there hand and asking “So, like, what's the nature of our existence?” And though I prayed for it like a shooting star that would explode neurons of glistening information into my psyche and let me understand this idea -

It never happened.

Looking around I felt totally alone, and I'll confess that for most of my childhood I was pretty confident that everyone was just a robot dressed in human costumes.

By high school I realized that the education system I was in had nothing to do with real life, and that none of my teachers were going to magically turn into my own personal guru mentor and lead me to all the answers I'd been seeking.

I realized that even they, though I'd held them on pedestals praying for them to ignite some holy truth upon me, were just as lost as I was. That they all had their own wonders about the world. Their own questions. And who had I been to press upon them an obligation to teach me the purpose of my life when they had not a clue of the purpose of their own?

At twenty-one I got my first dose of numerology when I saw a psychic named Sage.

What stood out to me the most was everything this woman recited about me simply based on my name and birthdate. She told me my hopes and dreams. She told me my inner obstacles and challenges. She told me what I was good at, and hows artists can turn plans into possibilities (which is what I was struggling with.) She even went into detail about my relationships based on the name and birthday of each person I was inquiring about.

I was amazed.

I decided to incorporate numerology into my series of ways in which to reconnect to ourselves because, after years of studying this subject I have come to see it as a truly reliable source of insight and advise.

That magic link between lost and found that I'd been searching for.

Okay so you might be thinking 'numu-what?'

'Is this some of that new-agey propaganda?'


It was over 2500 years ago that this perfect science was being put forth by the father of philosophy, Pythagoras. That each number has a vibrational frequency. So when a series of numbers become conjoined with one another (like in our birth dates) it becomes like a blue print of different qualities and characteristics.

“Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers. It is used to determine a person’s personality, strengths and talents, obstacles, inner needs, emotional reactions and ways of dealing with others.

Whether you use numerology to examine your life, take advantage of unexplored opportunities, confirm your talents or simply figure out where to go next, numerology can be a penetrating tool that helps you understand yourself and your loved ones better.

Numerology presents the whole picture, revealing all the diverse parts of your personality and how they come together to create the person you are. With this complete view, you are able to make the most of your strengths.” ¹

“For Pythagoras, numbers, especially the first ten, are the highest manifestations of the Creative Principle in the creation of our world.” ²

So what do the numbers mean?

 1- Leader. Individual. Independent thinker. Goes against the grain. Different. Bold.             Attention Seeking. Loner. Aggressive. Dominating. Can be Selfish. Loves to win.

 2 - Companion. Spiritual. Sensitive. Supportive. Loyal. Intuitive. Honourable. Reliable. Passive. Peace Makers. Feels more comfortable as part of a group.

 3 - Planner. Great at Analysing. Communicator. Strong mental capabilities. Encouraging. Creative. Entertainer. Can lack Patience. Critical. Suffers from Self Doubt.

 4 - Physical. Organized. The 'Do-ers' of society. Structured. Conventional. Systematic. Trustworthy. Accurate. Practical. Can be impatient with intellectual and spiritual matters.

 5 - Strive to be free from constriction. Highly Sensitive. Strong desire to Travel. Seeks Adventure and Change. Artistic. Lively. If confined, tends to become moody.

 6 - Creative. Caring. A deep love of Humanity. Home Makers. Exceptionally loving. Can suffer from chronic worry. Can be Possessive and Negative. Needs to be in charge.

 7 - Teachers. Philosophers. Hunger to Learn. Finds discipline very difficult to live with. Drive for personal experience. Often rejects guidance. Rebellious. Mysterious.

 8 - Independent. Finds difficulty expressing Love. Can be impatient with those who become dependant on them. Enormously successful in business. Takes great pride in their appearance. Possess a wealth of natural wisdom. Generous.

 9 - Humanitarian. Responsible. Idealists. Suited to the Arts. Strong desire to improve human life. Tend to be poor financial planners. Honest. Can become cynical. Serious. Old Soul.

How to determine your personal purpose and life path...

* Write out your birthday in numerical form (We'll use mine as an example)

------> 01/12/1988

* Add up each individual digit like this;

------> 1 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 8 = 30

* Whatever the final sum is needs to be reduced to one single digit, like so;

-------> 3 + 0 = 3

This final number is the vibration you were born with and will carry on with you for the rest of your life. It is you. Learning the strengths and weaknesses of your number will lend great benefit and understanding of why you are the way you are, and which people you will more easily connect with. Numerology solidify's our deep urges and longings, by affirming that which we are naturally drawn to is in our genetic make up, and that in the pursuing of those dreams we can find our happiness and fulfillment.

(**Note that your Life Path number is by no means a finite illustration for all that you are, however it does outline your inner drive and what will bring you fulfillment in this life. There are 6 main numbers that make up your genetic blueprint including your Attitude Number, Birthday Number, and Life Path Number (all found within your Birth Date,) and your Personality Number, Soul Urge Number, and Destiny Number (which are all found in your name.) Which I may expand on in the future.)

¹ http://www.astrology.com/what-numerology/2-d-d-66854

² http://numerology-school.com/brief-history-of-numerology.html