On Your Environment

Take a look around you.

Who are the 5 people you spend the most time with? Are they happy? Are they spiritually in tune? Are they motivated and driven? Are they healthy?

Or, do they treat life as an unfair game to which they are nothing more then a victim of unfortunate circumstance? Are they always talking about health concerns? Are they always sick, depressed, over weight, anxious, confused or bored?

Simply put; we are the common denominator of the people we spend the most time with.

So when we are surrounded by people with a 'can't-do' attitude we are ultimately effected by it. However, the same is true when we are around certain people who are so inspired by life that we can't help but want to feel that way too.

The people we surround ourselves with are always a reflection of what is going on inside of us.

When we meet someone who appears fearless, confident, and driven we are given a glimpse into what our deeper desires are.

'I wish I was like that,' we hear ourselves say.

Well the thing is; you are. You are just as brave, just as purposeful and just as beautiful as that individual.

The universe is showing you a version of yourself that you can become.

A picture of what your heart and soul are begging you to move towards. That's why envy itself is so distracting. Instead, these light posts of individual expression we admire should be seen as examples of where our spirit is trying to bring us.

But there is a dark side to this vortex of reflections; and I bet you've experienced it too.

Have you ever had a dream or goal or brilliant idea you decided to share with someone, to then be shot down with doubt? This happens all the time, and the sad part about it is that when we are constantly surrounded by the fears and doubts of others, we generally end up giving up on our own desires because we aren't being supported.

Like we've all heard before, 'Misery loves company.' So when you share one of your brilliant ideas with someone who is terrified of their own, they don't want you to succeed, because that would simply mirror to them that they are not following through with their own dreams.

Because if you were to actually get up and leave the 'Poor-me-pitty-party' and get to work on your own happiness and well being, your downer friends will be hit with guilt and the surfacing realization that they are indeed suppressing their own goals and dreams.

This same theory is true for our environment.

Think about your home, your job and your routine. Do these reflect where you are headed? Do these places represent 'safe zones' for your dreams to be cradled, gain confidence and ultimately be realized?

Take a long hard look at your surroundings.

If you aren't supporting your own dreams, don't expect that the people around you will.

There is a card in the Tarot which depicts a dreary looking couple who wear chain nooses around their necks by the master devil sitting behind them. What I love about this card is that upon closer inspection you are able to see that these chains are not tight at all. In fact they could be quite easily lifted right off over their head!

The meaning of the card is that we choose to be a prisoner.That we are the ones who trap ourselves in our way of thinking, and we feel paralyzed by the illusion of safety of staying where we are.

If only we could see that the nooses we all wear can easily be lifted off.

The Tarot is a fascinating tool spoken in metaphor and personification, and what this card in particular tells us is that most often we are both The Devil and the Victim. That our ego has put the noose around our spirit.

But despite our efforts we mustn't forget that we can never escape ourselves. So the searching for experience should never be out of a desire to become something new, but to remember who you were born to be. To move closer to yourself.

Our surroundings are always a reflection of our thoughts and beliefs, so you will forever remain trapped until you remember that you are ultimately in control of who you surround yourself with and the environment you put yourself in.