On The Universe

When we begin to see this beautiful magic of universal unfolding in our favour, we can't help but feel in total Awe. The universe is self correcting, and contrary to popular belief, actually wants us to succeed!

So once you have begun actively participating in your 're-connecting,' you will start to experience some pretty awesome changes in your life.

Last week we talked about the benefits of Journaling, and the practice of Morning Pages, this week, I am speaking of what naturally came in to my life after starting to write down what I felt and what I was going through.

It has been through this action of participating, of showing up without exception, that I not only developed a greater connection with myself, but a connection with something much larger. Something invisible but something grand. Something totally beyond 'me.' Some kind of exquisitely perfect quantum energy which seemed to envelop my spirit completely. Something I simply began calling, 'The Universe.'

This week we are talking about connecting to a higher power. To 'The' higher power. To that which created us.

Believe it or not, this is not about 'connecting' at all. What I should be saying is that what we are exercising is, Remembering. It is in honour of remembering where we came from, how we got here, and what breathed so much beauty into this place we call Earth.

The thing about remembering where we came from is that it can't really be taught. It must be felt. So since I can't teach you to feel, this weeks challenge is going to be an exercise for you to notice how alike we as humans are to nature, because studying plants has so many benefits for our understanding of human life.

  One: Observe plant culture 

- Plants literally 'reach' for light. They grow towards it

- Plants must shed leaves for new growth to come through

- They show symptoms of sadness by wilting

- Plants will show signs of neglect before actually dying

 Two: Observe flowers in bloom

- Watch as each petal gently folds back from a bud

- Notice how their fragrance is stronger once they are opened up

- How their curves and colours are so meticulous and unique

- The way they inherently express their insides without self doubt

 Three: Revel in beauty, and the perfection of life.

- How a seed can be planted and watered, then astonishingly grow into something we can eat

- Compost. How our food scraps magically turn into dirt

- How we as woman were designed to literally grow another human being within us

- Love, and the whimsical falling that precedes it

When we begin to see this daily occurrence of what could otherwise be called magic, we have no choice but to surrender to it. To feel so inferior to its power that we begin to feel no choice but to trust it.

In my own experience, the more I trusted in this unseen force, the more I desired to learn about it. And so when I began to see 'magic' in my everyday life, I started asking myself, 'Why wasn't I ever taught this before?'

I figured if I wasn't taught this, there was probably a lot of other information I was totally ignorant to as well, and I have since made it a priority of mine to self educate, as I realized I could no longer expect that someone else was going to give me all the information I'd need to successfully live my life.

I believe that along with being a mathematician, scientist, and artist, God is a great poet who speaks in metaphor. My challenge to you this week is to observe plant culture and to note as many parallels between nature and humans as you can