So You Broke Up With Your Best Friend. Now What?

So you just broke up with your best friend. And it feels like your life is beginning to split at the seams. So many things are ending, but you can feel it in your bones that a lot of new things are beginning too. 

You’re starting to open up and shine your light. Which means you're growing increasingly aware of the people in your life that drain your energy and bring you down. And if you’re being honest, it’s pretty fucking scary when the women you imagined standing with you on your wedding day are fading out of your life. 

You heard growing up that one day you’d be lucky to count your true friends on one hand, and never imagined it would apply to you. But lately your feeling fed up with the small talk and surface matter. 

You're hungry for meaning and thirsty for connection. Your Soul is having a growth spurt and there's definitely no ignoring it. Cause all that clutter and weight you’ve carried around your entire life has become unbearable. And you've been asking yourself, "Why? What the fuck is this all for?"

You’re craving deeper connection. Not only with other women, but with life itself. And you’ve been having these experiences lately, where for a brief moment everything pauses. Stands still. And it’s as if you catch a glimpse of it all at once. 

You are awakening sister.

Not only to your own light, but to the energetic current that unites us with one another. And it's like there's this mega phone calling out your name every day now. Speaking louder and louder. Reminding you who you really are. 


You know there's no turning back. Because you're seeing life from fresh eyes. And even though it feels a little lonely, and a little bit scary, it's like you're being pulled by a force you have no control over.

Keep going sister. Keep journeying toward that light. Because we feel you. And we know you. And we're waiting for you. Shine that light sister, so that we can find you in these dark times. Because when you shine brighter, you make me feel like I can shine brighter too. Thank you for dropping the drama and doing the work that so many women are afraid to do. 

Thank you for letting go sister. In doing so, you've made space to let us in.

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