3 Reasons You're Ready For A Women's Circle

REASON #3 | You're Craving Connection.

Now there's nothing wrong with seasonal shopping sprees while chatting over Chai lattes with our bestie, or zoning out for a couple hours each week in front of trashy TV. Like you, I love that shit. And for whatever reason us women crave those doses of gossip, drama, and mindless consumption.

But, and that's a big booty but, with a ton of junk in the trunk . . . We crave A LOT more outside the modern confines of Shopping trips and Bachelorette viewing parties.

Which is why, most often, even though the gossip, drama, and mindless consumption fills a certain void within us, we have this tendency to leave feeling empty, depleted, and wishing we had a way to get into deeper conversation with our girlfriends.

REASON #2 | You're Beginning To Feel Like You Might Be Fucking Crazy. 

With the never ending ebbs and flows of our womanly emotions, when we're living with men it's easy to feel like there MUST be something clinically wrong with us. Add in the mania of Creativity and the deep seeded need to express ourselves, and it can feel like we're playing your own version of Winona Ryder in Girl Interrupted.

This year I had the privilege of working with Ashley Wolfe from Femme Rising when the SSC (Sexified Success Circle) hosted by my coach Allison Braun met up for an exclusive mastermind retreat in Bali.


Each morning Ashley would lead us through a practice of Sensual Yoga, which was unlike anything I had ever tried before. Through her totally unique and mega powerful teaching style, she showed us how to use our body as a portal to tap into our Shakti energy, which is where Creativity literally lives! 

By connecting with other highly Creative Women like Ashley, in the container of our women's circle, not only have I learned that the flow of my femininity can be sacred and sexy at the same time, but I was lead to a much deeper connection with the natural rhythms of my cycle, and how to actually use them to SUPPORT my Creativity. 

REASON #1 | You're Tired of Doing It All Alone.

You've got these incredible Creative Visions to share with the world, but you're beginning to feel like maybe it's time for a coach, or a mentor, or SOMETHING to guide you.

You want to know on that cellular lever that you are not alone. That the work you're being called to do in the world has deep meaning and profound value. You want to feel like there are people out there who actually NEED what you have to offer, and you would LOVE the opportunity to jam with other Creative Women every week to help you refine and focus your growing pool of ideas.


Having a circle of bad ass Creative Women who really get you sounds like a dream come true. But where do you find these lovely ladies?

That's where we come in.

Since joining SSC this year and experiencing first hand the power of sisterhood, circle, and working with a coach I honestly cannot imagine my life without this kind of connection. In my soul I know that women are designed to connect in this way. By gathering. By sharing. By supporting. And by teaching one another what we're amazing at.

Joining a women's circle has this ripple effect that you can't quite explain until you've been in one. It's infectious. Which is why most of the women in our circle have gone on to create their own. Each taking the circle template and channeling in our own chosen topics and teaching styles. 

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