5 week Numerology + Coaching package


Your life was designed to be played as a symphony.

And you came here knowing your divinity.

Through the specific day your soul chose to incarnate.
And the name placed upon you by your parents at birth you were encoded with by a beautiful set of numbers and letters, that when understood, and played correctly reveal your life's work.

Our Birthday and our Name are literally like the set of keys we are given at birth. They are the two singular pieces of information that if used correctly have the capacity for us to collapse time and quantum shift through to new dimensions as we live On Purpose.

Welcome to my coaching program.

O n P u r p o s e

This program IS a portal.

It's a space I'm inviting you into for the initiation you've been calling in.

I see you ready. Standing before the dark gates, stressed out about how you're going to get the courage to actually step through. And I am here for you. My hand outstretched for yours sister. To pull you through over to the other side. Gently and quickly.


You're on the cusp. And you're already doing it. You've come so far. And I am so proud of you. Trusting the call of your destiny isn't easy. Through out the journey we are constantly having to face our shadows in order to move forward on our way to Self Mastery.

But if you're anything like me, then you know that's what you're here for. You came here to break through lifetimes. You came here to alchemize ancestral patterns. You came here to show others the way through our own light.

Numerology is the map to your internal light switch and through this 5 week transformational program I'll teach you how to flip that light switch on with your exact Divinity Code.

Here’s what you’ll receive:⠀

  • A video recording of your full Numerology Blueprint from me. ⠀⠀

  • 2 x 90 coaching sessions on Zoom to follow up and focus on how you can use your unique code to finally fully step into your purpose this year and embody that beautiful metaphysical entrepreneurial woman you know you’re here to be. In their essence, these 90 minute sessions are Ceremonies for your Soul. ⠀⠀

  • Video recordings of both sessions to refer back to. These are super valuable.

  • Suggested custom rituals, prayers, practices, and homework to help you ground into and integrate the sessions.

  • 5 weeks of message support for anything that comes up between your sessions.

Numerology Blueprint covers your 6 core numbers including:

1. Your Life Purpose
2. Your Soul Urge
3. Your Personality Number
4. Your Life Path
5. Your Karmic Lesson
6. Your Personal Year Cycle

*If you’re a Young Female Entrepreneur (or aspiring) I can teach you exactly how to leverage these numbers for your business during our sessions.


After this 5 week transformational journey you will feel a deeper sense of confidence in the true nature of your Purpose then you’ve ever experienced.

If you’ve ever struggled with those Big life questions. You know the ‘Who am I? And what am I really supposed to be doing with my life? kind of questions,’ then this program was designed for you.