Word on the street . . .

"Taiha is absolutely amazing! She is so sweet, optimistic, and, fun to chat with! Her cards were so on point and she helped me put my emotions into words! I felt hopeful and ready to begin my journey of healing! She's magical! 5 stars aren't enough." - Kritika

"Taiha is a beautiful soul! Her energy is very calm and soothing. I felt great clarity after speaking with her and released a huge weight off my shoulders with a guided meditation. She is sincere and caring. Would recommend to all women!: - Babita

"I had my tarot read by Taiha last week and it was a wonderful experience from start to finish, I was truly amazed by the spot on guidance of the cards and her incredibly intuitive reading of them. I can't wait to use her services again!" - Jayme

"Taiha is a gifted spiritual guide and a gem to work with! Her meditations are impactful and delicious to go through. If you're looking for help connecting to your inner creative soul, getting insight and support through various modalities she's your girl!" - Sonya

"Taiha's Intuition was 100% bang on! I needed the cards, more then I thought." - Jessica

"Thank you so much. You addressed so many things that I have been worrying about this week as far as my purpose and the steps to take. Thank YOU." - Clare

"This was so needed yes! Perfect reminder, Thank You! Thank You!" - Rashonda

"Taiha has such a wonderfully calming, grounding presence that naturally brings clarity + practical peace. She's your go-to woman to get clarity (on relationships, creative projects, purpose & more) and to feel more mystical and connected." - Allison

"Wow, spot on! I appreciate the prompt about what strengths I've been hiding. I feel like I've been hiding parts of myself for a long while now, and I'm ready to step out of hiding." - Kale

I just have to share! I am going to start my classes for life coaching in October. I signed up for the class and I will be making monthly payments. My bank wouldn't work with me because the online classes are out of country (US.) I started to feel like maybe this wasn't what I was supposed to be doing. Until last night when you gave me your reading. OMG!!!! you were spot on, because I knew in my heart that this is what I am supposed to do. I switched banks and everything is a go! Woohoooo! I am so totally excited for my new adventure! - Debbie

"Really, thank you for telling me this. I felt really supported!!!" - Es Ma

"YES!!!! This is so perfect as I've been totally thrown off recently into the 'doing' and the message that has been coming up for me is less doing and more being. Love this so much! Thank you soooo much!!!!" - Jill

"AMAZING! I literally just asked for guidance on my business and card #1 was my choice." - Lauren

"Ahhhhh amazing!!" - Hayley

Thank you so much Taiha!!! This was what I needed. - Kassandra

"Wow Taiha!! Thank you so much for such great advice / insights! I love the idea of seeing depression and anxiety as a blessing! I am ready to follow my intuition and start my own purification of life / body process. Thank you so much for that confirmation! And morning pages at the coffee shop. Such a great idea. I haven't even considered that! And there is one about a mile from my house. Great excuse for some fresh air and exercise! I definitely agree that establishing a non negotiable routine is needed! And The World. It is a beautiful card! And a great reminder!!Thank you again...I feel so fortunate to have crossed your path! - Kristina 

"This was truly AMAZING!!!" - Darci

"Loved this!! I woke up this morning and did just what you said!!! Focus on the positive picture!!" - Natasha

"You really are the perfect lady mentor. I love how open and positive you are!" - Joel